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LJ-Sec updated to version 0.87

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Dec. 27th, 2011 | 05:02 pm
posted by: soundwave106 in ljsec

LJ-Sec is a bulk journal entry management tool. It allows you to bulk change post security, delete posts, find and replace items, repost journal entries to other LJ-compatible servers, and other assorted odds and ends.

This update fixes a couple of issues with using this tool on systems other than Livejournal (the interface dropdown did not show the correct setting if it was anything other than the listed items, and bugs with the default journal filename were fixed).

Find the download for LJ-Sec at http://www.mp3vcr.com/ljsec/.

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Chad Gould

(no subject)

from: soundwave106
date: Mar. 6th, 2012 08:01 pm (UTC)

I cannot understand why Dreamwidth would allow metadata / properties to be stored in an entry that Dreamwidth cannot use when you post later. That's essentially what's happening here.

Probably the best way to handle this would be to add a find / replace / delete option for meta data, which would allow you to delete the commentalter and picturemap_id tags that are causing problems (and also do some other interesting things). Something to add in the next couple days when I get a few spare moments.

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